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Soon, you will be able to listen to samples of our music here.

-'BEAUTIFUL COLOURS' will be the opening track on our debut album. The lyrics are more relevant than ever and capture the quite dark feeling of this song very well.

-'WORLD IN MOTION' is a song based on layered guitar parts and vocals that should stay with you for years.

-'NEXT TIME' begins with an odd time signature but evolves in a very catchy and strong chorus.

-'THE VOICE INSIDE' begins as a heavy rock song leading into a beautiful chorus with a rather unexpected bridge that creates a very symphonic atmosphere. The musical explosion that follows should send shivers down your spine.

-'OBLIVION' is an instrumental song with a lot of different musical styles, time signatures and chord structures.

-'CONSIDERING' (ISOPODA) is featured in a renewed version of a song from their debut album 'Acrostichon' from the '70.

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